Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Timing is Everything

I'd always regarded naturopathic or holistic methods of healing good for others, but not for me. Not that I disagreed with it, but I watched my friends go that route, and frankly, watching them shove a handful of vitamins down their throat at every meal seemed like such a chore. It was expensive and time consuming with all the dietary changes. Too restrictive, I concluded. 
And then, my son got very ill, and his place of employment didn't provide medical insurance.
We visited several ERs within the year and the treatment was the same. No insurance? "Sure we have to treat you, but you'll get minimal care. We'll throw you some pain meds because that's what you want - everyone does, that's the real reason you're here. And you'll leave without answers, or solutions. And, oh, by the way, we will demand you pay us for our shoddy treatment. Have a nice day."

My mother bear instincts kicked in. On the internet I went. Let's give this naturopatic medicine a try. If we're going to pay out of pocket anyway, what have we got to lose. We found a possible clinic and took advantage of their 15 minute free consultation.
We found a fit. Treatments began and we saw improvement. But more important, we found people who really did care about my son and his well being. 

So now, here I am. A grim diagnosis - a grim treatment plan. "Sure we can fix you, but it might cost you your overall health and quality of life."
Naturopathic treatment would be out of pocket. Expensive. But the forecast was brighter. We'll help your body to heal while you heal. And even if you end up having to go the conventional way down the road, you'll be prepared for it physically. I made the call, took advantage of their 15 minute free consultation, chose a doctor and began baby steps towards recovery.  Along with the handful of vitamins and minerals I took everyday, and a major diet adjustment, I received what I consider a lifeline. I was given empowerment, and tools. Books to read about taking back my own health by my lifestyle, diet, attitudes, mindsets. I was directed to studies that the money backed political agenda groups don't provide. Research that is being conducted daily, small studies on small budgets showing that there are indeed other ways to cure cancer. Reports from real people with real health issues that show promise. Reports from doctors who have been shunned by their colleagues because they exposed the medical industry for what it can become when money is the prize.
I received all this along with hugs and encouragement, and staff who cared about little ol' me.

It seems though, when G~d shows up, so does the enemy. In spite of all my positive
progress, I still had melt down moments. Without warning, the "little black cloud" would materialize and I'd start to panic. "What if I'm not hearing from G~d after all. What if this treatment plan is causing more harm than good? 
Once again, I used my weapon of choice - my go to prayer - "Help!!!!
Next: Body, soul and spirit - the connection.

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