Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Visible Means of Support

"Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer." Ed Cunningham

I remember sitting on my couch, plotting my means of survival. If I'm to get through this, what will I need? Prayer - check. A team of medical providers who wanted me to live; healthy and whole - check. Research material to educate and empower me - check. A support team who would surround and protect me.

Due to a very unfortunate turn of events, Hubster and I were forced to leave our spiritual family - the ones who had carried us through the death of our baby grandson and Hubster's heart attack. We'd walked through the valley of the shadow of death with their love and support. Who would be here for us now?

G~d is faithful.

We still had the friendship of two of the elders of the congregation. Hubster called and they came over, oil in hand and prayed over me - twice - no hesitation - no judgement. 

G~d's timing is perfect.

A few weeks before I got my diagnosis, we were invited to join a small home fellowship from our daughter and son-in-law's church. We knew the pastor and his wife and several from the congregation due to their support for our family at Rhys' passing. We were still tender from our excommunication, but they welcomed us with open hearts and arms from the beginning. 
When I shared my "news" during our time of prayer, they gathered around us, prayed, cried and held us. My son-in-law lead out in prayer. It was a powerful, healing time. I knew I was safe. One family in particular took an interest in my healing journey and provided me with several books that proved to be instrumental in the L~rd's special communication with me as mentioned in my last blog,
I also joined the women's fellowship Secret Sister program. I received encouragement cards from my secret sis at the perfect time, on several occasions. After one particular melt down, pity party, the next day, a card arrived with exactly what I needed to hear. 
I also had my family, including my brothers and sisters-in-law who rallied around me and offered their prayers and encouragement.

This is an excerpt from my blog Blankets and Seasons:
I may have to bundle up awhile longer, or I may be headed into a sweet spring, but this one thing I know. My Heavenly Father has an endless supply of blankets that He will provide. And when spring and summer come again, I have a keepsake cabinet that I will store all my blankets in. 
If you find yourself in one of those seasons where you need a blanket, I pray for you someone to reach in their cabinet and pull out one of their prized blankets to share. And if you know someone who looks like the chill of winter is upon them - give them one of yours.
I've learned that blankets come in different "fabrics" - prayer, a listening ear, hugs, phone calls and cards of encouragement. These blankets are necessary for optimum health.
May I encourage you to think of those in your circle (or even those you don't know well). What kind of blanket can you give them?  
Physical health thrives on spiritual, emotional and mental well being. we're all in this together.
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