Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Flu - It Can't Be!

You'll know what I'm talking about. As the day progresses, you begin to feel something in the force is not right. You try to ignore the tickle in your chest. Those tiny aches that tease your body, you justify with the extra heavy bag of groceries you lugged from the store, or an extra lap around the track. Even as you crawl into bed, you don't want to admit you may be coming down with the dreaded...FLU.
It was our last night at Nof Ginosar Hotel at the shores of the Sea of Galilee - New Year's Eve. Hubby went to bed early, not feeling well. I stayed up with our tour group to see in the new year. I felt it coming on. I should have expected the inevitable. Our granddaughter was sick when we left home, hubby was coughing. Who was I to think serious jet lag and a plunge in an ice cold Jordan river wouldn't take its toll on my immune system.
I didn't go half way around the world to a Land I'd wanted to go to since I was a teen, to hole away, sick in bed. I did what I needed to do. "Abba!" I cried, "help!" Desperate prayer went up to the Throne. And then, armed with nothing more than lots of water, extra protein and sheer grit - plus strength and endurance I knew was beyond me, I took on Masada, En Gedi and Jerusalem. Each evening I gave thanks for my new adventures.
By the third day, my fever broke and the only evidence that I'd been sick was the nagging cough that becomes your best friend.
Being one of the worship leaders for the group, I worried that I'd lose my voice, or have one of those coughing fits that grab you. But neither happened. My speaking voice was raspy, but when it came time to sing, my voice was clear and strong.
Because of a heart condition, I can't take over-the-counter cold and flu meds. Once again G~d proved that He could care for me without props. I attribute my strength and quick recovery to Him. After all, when I cried out to Him at the Western Wall - it was a local call.

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