Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surrounded in His Arms

The Sea of Galilee, Yam Kinneret, Lake Tiberius - 33 miles in circumference, 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. Standing on the shore of En Gev to the east, at night, one can see the twinkling lights of Tiberius on the west shore.
Gulls play tag with the tourist boats as they skim the surface of the water. On a calm day, the shore receives gentle waves as they ebb and flow.
But without warning, contrasting air masses collide, causing thunder, lightning and large turbulent swells.
On this morning in December, the air was crisp and the sea relatively calm. Overhead, a thin layer of clouds spread like a canopy under a pale blue sky.

I boarded the boat along with my husband and twenty-three others from our tour group for a trek around the Sea of Galilee. No storms brewing. This would be fun.
Once we were near the middle of the sea, we took some time for worship and a teaching. A thought wafted through my mind. This wouldn't be a good time for one of those squalls to erupt. I put that notion away and stood to lead worship as I steadied my legs against the wooden bench for support. The boat rhythmically rocked with the motion of the swells.
"His holiness surrounds me...," we sang. I looked around. In each direction , I was surrounded by hills. A sense of peace and joy washed over me. My spirit heard the voice of G~d telling me this was like His arms. He protected Israel. I served the G~d of Israel. I could experience that same feeling any time - any place. And I would need it a few days later into the tour. (More on that in another blog.)

Each time I recall the Galilean hills surrounding the Sea, G~d reminds me that His arms circle around me. I am safe, protected with His peace, His holiness.
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