Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Boots and Cats

Did you know that if you say "boots 'n cats" over and over - fast, you're on your way to learning beat box? And what is beat box? According to Wikipedia it's "...a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue, and voice".  So next time you're listening to your radio, find a song that works and repeat "boots 'n cats..." Hours of entertainment!

Speaking of boots and cats...

I like boots. They are so versatile, come in many colors and go with just about everything. And I had a cat named Boots. Orange tabby. The only cat Hubster tolerated. Frankly, I think they had a bond. Ice cream. Hubster would come home from work, get himself a bowl of ice cream and a small dish for Bootsie. If that isn't bonding, I don't know what is.
I like cats. They are so versatile, come in many colors and plop down on just about anything.

My latest kitty - our only child now, is Kleinah. She's a tuxedo cat. Black and white. She tolerates Hubster. I think she was abused by a male when younger because she freaks anytime one comes near her. She's lived around Hubster long enough to decide he isn't out to get her. She stays her distance though, which is fine with Hubster. 

She adopted us. It was a dark and stormy night... No, really. I heard her crying on our front porch. She was wet and scared, but needed a family and somehow figured our house took in strays. I had to talk like an auctioneer to convince Hubster that she needed help. He let her stay in the garage. But it was dark and lonely and she'd cry at the door. Then she got sick. Although my husband's dislike for cats is strong, he isn't up to animal cruelty either and let me take her to the vet. Cha'ching. Now that I spent cash on her, she had a paw in the door. Our vet gave me a dismal report. She thought it might be intestinal, and looked like she wouldn't survive. Without x-rays and such, which were too expensive for a stray that Hubster hoped would move on and not in, all I could do was take her home and wait. And so I did. I prayed too. Why not. God loves His creations - all of them. 

Without going into detail which you wouldn't want anyway, she had a good productive "moment of meditation" a few days later, began eating and... we've had her now for several years. 
She's allergic to fish and fleas, follows me around and makes me smile. 
I'm pretty sure she knows I'm a sucker for hard luck stories. Because she's such a scared-e-cat, she removed the "for cats only" vacancy sign. 
She and she alone is here to stay.

She doesn't like ice cream though, so I don't think there will be kitty/Hubster bonding any time soon.
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