Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl

I bet you thought this post was about the sacred holiday know as Super Bowl Sunday. Or about giving honor to our football gods as they chase the ol' pigskin around on a field of mud or lush artificial turf.

Football has never been one of my favorite sports. I use to attend football games when in high school. My girlfriends and I sat in the bleachers - and talked about boys and clothes and everyone we didn't like.

We'd pay attention when our side cheered - just long enough to see what happened before we got back to the important things, like boys and clothes and everyone we didn't like.

No, this blog isn't about football.
It's about commercials and guacamole.

I shamelessly declare - I tape the Super Bowl game.  I watch it later in the evening when I can fast forward through the game so I can watch the commercials. Usually, I tape a show to zip through the commercials. It's amazing how an hour TV program can be reduced to 40 to 45 minutes that way.
But these commercials are special. Many are first timers. Never before seen. Most are not worth seeing again. Seriously, most are not worth seeing the first time. A few, however, make the cut. Cute puppies, large shaggy legged horses, babies that talk... those garner a thumbs up.

 And who can watch Superbowl commercials without food.

Guacamole. Can you believe it - about 8 million pounds of the green slimy stuff is consumed on this sacred of days. That's a lot of avocados folks.
Everyone has their favorite. Chunky, smooth, with salsa, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese; mild, spicy, blow the top of your head off hot. With chips or veggies, or straight up - nothing but spoon, baby. And if you happen to have leftover guacamole at the end of the day - what happens to it overnight in the fridge?

It goes bad - holds the tomatoes at gunpoint and demands that million dollars spent on the worst commercial of the century be spent on an avocado tree for every household.

Now, who's playing this year? Sure hope they get a lot of home-runs!

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