Monday, February 9, 2015

Teach Me to Pray, to Praise

 Teach me G~d to pray  

to praise

The splendor of ripe fruit 

   the wonder of an autumn leaf

the freedom to see

to feel

to breathe

   to know hope
      and even to know grief.

Teach my lips blessing
   and praise

when You renew Your time
   each night
   each dawn

so that my days will not repeat my yesterdays
to save my life from mere routine
   of all days gone.

We are in the grips of winter. Although some parts of the globe reward us with warmth and sunshine, others places are covered in snow and ice, rain and fog - it's grouchy and gray. Dark days find us wanting to stow away under our fears, uncertainties and worries. It's in times like these, we need to dig deep and remember. Remember that God is on our side. He hasn't abandoned us to our own selves. Even when we can't see Him, or even feel His presence, He's still watching, caring, loving. He will never leave us.

We have a weapon against these winter days. Prayer and praise.

Give it a try.
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