Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best Get Busy Here

I've had this blog since August and as you can see it ain't much to look at. So I best get busy and share my mind. This won't take long.
It's a beautiful spring day - er- winter day. The trees are confused because it has been pushing 70 degrees for a week now. As much as I like spring and all, I miss the gloomy foggy, rainy days of January. I've made hats and scarves in so many colors and I want to wear them. I like my crockpots of soups and stews. I want winter. Let's hear it for winter.

I guess the kids from Hawaii who are playing in the Inaugural Parade this next week are having a really hard time. You see it has been in the teens in Washington DC. Most of those kids probably have never worn a coat in their lives and now they have to keep moving so they won't get frost bite. I wonder if any have had their lips stick to their horns yet. Now that would be a bummer.
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