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a : very different from the usual or traditional : extreme
b : favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions
c : associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change
d : advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs radical
slang : excellent, cool 
~Merriam Webster~

Every generation or movement has a buzzword, it seems - especially when it comes to Christianese - a new way to approach G~d, a new direction that the church must go in to reach the unsaved, or unchurched, or people in general for that matter. 
Back in the 70s it was cool to be a "Jesus Freak", one who was "sold out" which turned into "souled out".

Now its "radical". We must all be RADICAL for G~d.

But to be honest, the word has lost its luster. Maybe the first person who came up with being a "radical Believer" had a revelation. But now, as with any "movement", it becomes a buzzword rather than a genuine experience. If you're not radical, you must not be hearing from G~d. If you don't have a radical walk with G~d, you need to find out what you're doing wrong. As usual, a word becomes a weapon. "My revelation is better than your revelation."
Here's were I pull out my "I'm getting too old for that" card. And I hated it when my elders use to say that to me.
But here goes.
 I remember back in the 70s when I got caught up in all the buzzwords. I worked and prayed and cried and felt oh so guilty when I was told I just needed to work and pray and cry a little more. I spent my time seeking out the people and churches and movements that had a new revelation. Places and people who were "on fire for G~d".

Where are those movements and churches and people now? Where am I now?
A precious few made a big difference and are in the history books. But most who tried so hard to follow the buzzwords of the day found that words mean nothing, movements come and go and they are now living day to day fulfilling a steady, uneventful life doing exactly what they are suppose to do - loving G~d and each other without the fireworks, and fanfare.
I no longer feel guilty when I'm told I have to have a radical life and a radical experience with G~d. I've lived long enough with G~d to know He doesn't require extreme. I don't have to be just like John the Immerser, or Elijah, or Moses. What He asks from me is a relationship that is steady, consistent and stable. One that is not built on emotion and pyrotechnics and is over the edge. Instead He wants me to love and honor my husband, teach and train my grandchildren in His ways, take care of those He puts in my path, pass along smiles to people I see on the street or at SaveMart. 
Yes, there are a few that are called to do the "radical" things, but most of us are called to be the moderates and tempered.

Isaiah 30:15 (CJB) " For this is what Adonai ELOHIM, the Holy One of Isra'el, says: "Returning and resting is what will save you; calmness and confidence will make you strong.."

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