Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Of summers and roadtrips

I have to say this summer will go down as the year of the traveler. First it was off to Hawaii with the husband for our 30th anniversary.

His first visit and my second.

The Island gets into your blood and by the time we got back to the states we were humming the music and missing the trade winds. We decided we needed to put a bumper sticker on our car that said, "just got back from Hawaii - go around me". We found the slow lane more to our liking. But no sooner had I unpacked my suitcase and put it back in the closet, it came out again.

My second adventure came as a road trip with a dear friend to Oregon.

Time was spent soaking in the mountain air, green trees, green grass, rivers that actually had water flowing, blackberries. Times to kick back with good friends and comfortable conversation. Driving all day with the reward being a cozy bed and breakfast at journey's end.

And now that the suitcase has been emptied for the second time - it is preparing for yet another trek. For my 4th time I will leave the USA and head for my beloved Land - Israel. This time though I will not be traveling alone. I will take with me two girlfriends from my shul. For one month we will embrace this delightful place. We will walk, climb, taste, feel, touch, hear... experience.

What a way to finish off a summer.

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