Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm sitting in my livingroom listening to Craig Taubman - waiting for sundown so I can light my candles and begin the wonderful 24 hour period of Shabbat. It's been a busy week. Today was a full day. I am ready to rest.
And I ponder - why are so many resistant to receiving the gift of Shabbat or Sabbath given by G~d? I've heard all the reasons and excuses. I just scratch my head.
Not long ago I was one of those who fell into bed exhaused on Friday night, got up on Saturday with a full schedule, ran full tilt all day only to stay up too late because there was always one more thing to get done. Then came Sunday. Up for church and all the obligations waiting for me there. By Sunday night I bemoaned the  obvious realization that Monday was too close for comfort and with it another long week ahead.
Is this really how our Creator meant it to be? He rested. And He told us to rest too.
I just don't buy the "Jesus is our day of rest." Well yes, Yeshua did provide rest for my searching soul. But my spirit needs my body and my mind to stop long enough so I can remember. How can He renew my mind and restore my body if I can't even sit down long enough to allow Him a moment of my time?
For most of us it's just easier to take a pill or gulp another Starbucks and keep going. Ouch. I'm stepping on toes here aren't I?
Well, no more cooking, cleaning, shopping, bill paying, worrying (did I mention I give myself permission to put that on hold too?) until Saturday around 8 pm. Time to light those candles.

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