Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thank You For Coming

Thank you for coming.
You've been a great addition to our family.
Your sacrificial giving of your time and energy have been without question - an invaluable asset.
You've held our food so carefully and given us hours of science projects.
Whether full to the brim, or not even a tablespoon's worth, you've been faithful.
There's only two things we can fault you for.
You've lost your lid on several occasions. We know its not your fault. Between owner error and those nasty little gremlins that sneak in during the night and plunder, its totally out of your control. Thankfully we know all those missing lids are frolicking with the missing socks in that alternative universe zone.
Our second issue is on a more serious note, however.
We've found out your little secret. You might not be safe. You might make us sick.
Again, we know its not your fault. You were created that way. You live with the hand you're dealt. But we had to draw the line.
We discovered the numbers on your little undersides.

#1 PET - Polyethylene terephthalate.
#2 HDPE - High density polyethylene.
#3 PVC
#4 LDPE -Low Density Polyethylene.
#5 Polystyrene.
#7 Other
BPA - Bisphenol-A.

#2 and #4 are the safest. All the rest are bad news. They cause a world of hurt and illness.
Unfortunately, #2 and #4 were not your numbers. In fact, most of you had no numbers at all. And sad to say, you've been part of our family for years - before they made your kind identify themselves.
So it is with sadness and fond memories we must say, au revoir, arrivedercishalom, dasvidaniya, toodles, - bye bye.
Yes, we see it in your plastic eyes. You feel we've dumped you for someone better.
You watched from your exile bags as we brought in your replacements. It must be painful for you.

Bright, shiny, new glass.

  Although you've multiplied through all these years, we decided it was time to scale down. We've streamlined. We only need a few to replace the many.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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