Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Makeover

Hubster and I live in a small post WWII house. It was built in 1948.
Back then, most middle class folks didn't have a bunch of stuff.
There are two little closets in both bedrooms - a his and hers thing. He had a few slacks, a few shirts, a few suits, a few pair of shoes...  She had a few dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes... you get the picture.
The kitchen accommodated a modest collection of plates, cups, bowls - enough for a small family. Because appliances and gadgets were just gaining popularity, all one needed was perhaps a coffee maker and mixer. Thus, three electrical plugs were plenty.
My parents bought this house in 1967. The only change they made was to add more juice to the electrical circuits to accommodate a dryer and freezer.
I began high school in this house.
Each winter I got dressed in front of the wall heater. Each summer we switched on the swamp cooler with it's moist air filling the living room. We lived with our bedroom doors open because if we didn't, we'd freeze or swelter.
Mom, dad and I shared one bathroom - and I don't remember ever fighting over it.
My mom willed the house to me after her death. It was a blessing. Hubster, our 2 kids and I lived in a rented house and we were living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes the money stretched and sometimes, it didn't.
When we acquired the house, our daughter was married and on her own. Our son lived with us for awhile and after that, we had a boarder for awhile. But now it's just Hubster and myself.
We did some upgrades to the insides - a kitchen and bathroom remodel, new carpet, central air and heat and new paint for the living room and 2 bedrooms. Sad to say, though, our money ran out before our plans did. The second bathroom, laundry room and family room are still bumping around in our dreams.
Now, 12 years later, the outside of the house is jealous and wanting attention. I guess that's fair. Thankfully, my dad put on aluminum siding, so it doesn't need paint. But the garage door... Now that's another story.
"Honeyyyyy," I whined. "I want a garage door for my birthday." After all, at my age, I really don't need anything else.
Honey obliged. He ordered the door (which had to be special ordered because our house is oooold).
Now, however the porch posts and window shutters are demanding attention.
The ol' 1948 gal is going to look pretty good when she gets her makeover.

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