Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Time Has Come

The day has arrived. Chaim is ready. Hubster and Lovely Daughter will join me on the trip to settle me in.
"Are you nervous?" asks Lovely Daughter.
"Yes. But I'm also excited."
 So much prayer and preparation has gone into this adventure. I know the L~rd has arranged it to happen. And I know there has been opposition from the enemy of our souls. I've had a few melt downs as I second guessed, wondered how it would all work out - worried how we'd finance it all. Things are still up in the air, but it's time to take that walk of faith. Here we are. Ready to go.

After unloading the car into my spacious studio Residence Inn room, we were off to a Sunday buffet. The food was abundant. As you can see, Chaim approved of my first course.

On the way back we hit up the local Trader Joe's to fill my kitchen.

The afternoon went by fast. It was time for Hubster and Lovely Daughter to return home. Although I knew I would make the trek back down the hill on Friday for the weekend, it was hard to say good-bye.
Although I've gone solo in Israel on several occasions, this would be different. Time to be brave and all that...
And besides, I wouldn't be alone. The G~d of angel armies had His hand on my shoulder. One last, "I love you". One more hug. The door closed.

Time to settle in.
Chaim and I pulled up a pillow. Turkey BLT and a cup of tea while watching Call The Midwife.

Next time:
A new day is a dawnin'.
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