Monday, June 3, 2013

Jerusalem Bound

Lila Tov! That means good morning in Hebrew.
I slept like a log, but Nayna and Papa are still fighting jet lag. Nayna calls it chronic jet lag. Papa wants to know who's brain they will use because they both feel like they're walking through fog. I guess it's hard for them to wake up at 7 in the morning in Tel Aviv, but their body clocks think its 9 at night.
Today we took a bus to Jerusalem. I watched as the countryside changed from concrete highrise apartments to clusters of houses to fields and crops. Then as we began to climb in altitude, I saw hills and evergreen trees. I could tell that we were getting higher because my ears began to do that funny thing when the pressure changes. Nayna told Papa that she loves coming into the city and seeing David's harp. I liked it too.

Our bus took us to the Central Bus Station. 
We walked into the station expecting benches and ticket counters, but it was a big mall with lots of stores, just like the Dizengoff mall.
We went outside to where the lightrail tracks were. There was an automated ticket stand where we could buy tickets for the train. It's all new so everyone was having trouble figuring out how to use it. It was kind of funny. Everyone was pushing their way up to the screen so they could buy their tickets before others, but then when they didn't know how to use the machine, everyone helped each other. Us too!

When the train came, the doors opened and everyone pushed and shoved their way in, even before others could leave the train. It was crowded and we had to stand for awhile until we could get a seat. I stayed safely inside Nayna's purse. This was one place I did not want to be left behind.
We got off at Ben Yehuda Street. Its a wide open air mall with lots of little stores and places to eat.
Nayna wanted to visit her friend Uri who owns a skirt shop. But there was a sign on his door telling everyone that he would be back soon.
It was lunchtime so we walked down a side street to a McDonalds. They are EVERYWHERE in Israel.
After lunch we went back to the skirt store and Nayna bought some skirts and she and Papa talked to Uri for a long time. Snicker - I took a nap and woke up to find Papa and Nayna walking down Jaffa Street towards the Old City. I'm glad I woke up because they spied a gelato shop.
Yum! It was soooo good and refreshing because it was hot outside.
We walked some more and then I caught a glimpse of the Old City wall. My bear fur wiggled all over. Those stones were so very old and I was seeing them with my own wide green eyes.

We decided though, that it was getting late in the day and didn't really have enough time to explore the Old City this day. We would come back another day. I was sooo close!
We caught the train back to the bus station. It was more crowded then the first time and there were no seats for us. But then a young couple got up from their seats and offered them to Nayna and Papa. I learned the Hebrew words for thank you very much - todah rabah!   On our way to the ticket counter downstairs, we passed a bakery, Nayna saw trays of bourekas. "We can have these for dinner," she said. And so she bought mushroom, potato, cheese and spinach and feta pastries. I looked forward to sinking my little teeth into the flaky dough.
We caught our bus and settled in for the hour ride back to Tel Aviv. I got the giggles because Nayna and Papa couldn't keep their eyes opened and their heads bobbed up and down the whole way home.
This time when we got back to Tel Aviv, we ended up at the Central bus station instead of the train station because we took a different bus. And you'll never guess what's inside the bus station...yup, another mall with lots of stores.
Now we needed to catch the number 4 sherut instead of a bus back to our hotel. Nayna told the driver we wanted to get off on Nordau Street and he grunted. We thought he heard us, but Nayna realized a few blocks past our street that he either didn't hear, or didn't want to stop. Our feet were sore again just like the night before, but now we had to walk back a few city blocks before we reached our hotel. Well, actually, Papa and Nayna had to walk. I rode the whole time in Nayna's purse.
When we got back to our room, Nayna looked out the window and the sun was shining on a building. 
She grabbed her camera and called Papa and I to look. The sun poured its liquid shimmer all over the building.
We all settled in for the evening and enjoyed our bourekas. 
Ahhh. I'm a contented little bear.
I wonder where we're going tomorrow.
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