Friday, September 7, 2012

Taking a Vacation

I'm coming off of a very busy, difficult week. I'm heading into a new week of concern.
Sound like your life?
We all deal with life in some way or another. After all we are breathing.
Too much to do - to think about - to finish...
We're now in the stage of the game where our politicians are promising life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even if they have to bend the truth a little to get our vote.
We have new diseases so we can have new drugs.
Driving or walking down the street has become a contact sport - winner takes all.
Buying food at the store is Russian roulette - will it be recalled and did I just eat it?

 Tonight - at sundown comes a most amazing gift. Sabbath - Shabbat - rest.
Come Saturday sundown, life will resume to it's breakneck pace for me, but in the meantime, I have an oasis - a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional cruise - vacation, call it what you will, I get time off. Permission from the Creator to take a break.
May I invite you to join me. Right where you are. Think about it. 
Here's a video to jump start the process. 
Come with me.

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